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Black Holes in Theory

Black Holes Special Features

From Chandra X-ray Observatory

With its spectacular mirrors and instrumentation, Chandra allows astronomers to observe X-rays from the universe as they never have before. Try these interactive flash galleries on black holes.
Real Black Hole Data

Sky Tours

WorldWide Telescope & Google Sky

Incredible astronomical images are available in an educational and innovative manner through two free downloads:
-Microsoft WorldWide Telescope.
Google Earth from Google.
Black Holes in Imagination

Black Holes Activites

Printable Activities, Printable Games & Interactive Games

Crossword puzzles, word searches, jumbles, a printable coloring book, paper models, quizzes and more.
Printable Activities, Printable Games & Interactive Games.
More to Explore

More to Explore


Control your own telescope using the MicroObservatory Robotic Telescope Network..

Eye on the Sky

A multimedia astronomy dialog on black holes, the life of stars, extra solar planets and finding new earths.