Special Features
1. The Truth and Lies about Black Holes  Flash
Black holes have a bad reputation. After all, something that could swallow you completely sounds pretty scary. They're invisible, so maybe there's one just around the corner and we dont know it! Also, arent they enormous vacuum cleaners capable of destroying anything that gets near them? Once the black hole starts pulling on something, isnt that just a one-way ticket to oblivion? Well, not all of these things are exactly true. (requires flash)
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2. Interactive Guide to Stellar Evolution  Flash  |   PDF
This interactive guide illustrates the ongoing drama of stellar evolution, and how the rate of evolution and the ultimate fate of a star depends on its mass. (requires flash)
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3. Chandra's Gallery of Galaxies  Flash
This interactive feature probes the characteristics of the galaxies Chandra has observed. (requires flash)
4. Blasts From The Past: Historic Supernovas  Flash  |   PDF
Every 50 years or so, a star in our Galaxy blows itself apart in a supernova explosion, one of the most violent events in the Universe. The force of these explosions produces spectacular light shows. Explosions in past millennia have been bright enough to catch the attention of early astronomers hundreds of years before the telescope had been invented. (requires flash)
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