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Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in. See the Chandra Download Center for help.

Chandra Code Game Thumbnail
Break the Code!
Answer the questions, using the included grid to put them in code.
Chandra Coloring Book Thumbnail
Coloring & Activity Book
This 28-page coloring and activity book includes general information on X-ray astronomy, Chandra and the STS-93 mission. It also looks at black holes, supernovas, galaxy clusters and more. Activities include mazes, word searches, connect-the-dots, crossword, code break, and word jumble. (pdf)
Word Jumbles!
Word Jumbles
Unscramble these spacey words and use the circled letters to form a new word!
Spacey Mazes
Help Chandra find its way to the X-ray source by figuring out the maze.
Maze #1
Maze #2
Connect the dots
Connect the Dots
Connect the dots to form a picture.
Crossword Puzzles
General Content Puzzle 1
General Content Puzzle 2
Word Searches
General Content Puzzle 1
General Content Puzzle 2
X-rays & Light
Star Search