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Interactive Games
Try a word game:
Figure out our Crossword Puzzles! (requires java)
Search for some Spacey Words! (requires java)
Four categories of fun - our own version of Hangman!
Be Creative:
Solve 25-piece & 16-piece Chandra jigsaw puzzles for 11 different objects!
Puzzle Picture
Try unscrambling our Puzzling Pictures! (requires java)
Be your own Picasso and try our Coloring Book! (requires java)
Word Magnets
Feeling Poetic? Express yourself with Word Magnets! (requires java)
Be an Astrophysicist for a day:
Chandra Jeopardy Game
Think you know about Chandra? Test your knowledge with the Chandra Jeopardy Game!
Match Game
Match the Chandra images with their object names in this challenging game.
Interactive Quizzes
Interactive quizzes on the Chandra Mission & General Astronomy
Concentrate on our Memory game! (requires java)