At this exhibition,you explored Black Holes - some of the strangest objects in the universe
The Black Holes exhibition is currently at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum.

Black Holes in Theory

Walk Through

The exhibit "Black Holes: Space Warps & Time Twists" pulls visitors in to the modern search for real black holes—the most mysterious and powerful objects in the universe. Link
Real Black Hole Data


There are many resources available for teachers, museum educators, and families to supplement their Black Holes exhibit experience. Link
Black Holes in Imagination

For Museums

Black Holes: Space Warps & Time Twists" is now on display at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, San Diego, CA. Its national tour will run through 2012. Link
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Youth Collaboration

“Black Holes: Space Warps & Time Twists” engaged teens in the actual design and shaping of the content for parts of the exhibition and programs. Link