There are many resources available to supplement the Black Holes exhibit experience. Download the official exhibit education guides and explore the links below to discover activities and demonstrations about black holes and stellar evolution:

Black Holes Activity Guide for Museum Educators (1.7 Mb PDF)
Black Holes Activity Guide for Classroom Teachers (1.7 Mb PDF)

For Museums

Journey to a Black Hole:
What is a black hole? How are they made? Where can you find them? How do they influence the space and time around them? Created using hands-on activities and stunning visual resources from NASA’s exploration of the universe, these modular demonstrations take audiences on a mind-bending adventure through our universe. Go To: Demonstration Manual (2.6 Mb pdf)

Black Hole Explorer:
Expect the unexpected in this board game and learn how black holes affect the space and time around them. Recommended for ages 10 and up. Includes recommendations and materials for playing in large groups.

Big Explosions and Strong Gravity:
A workshop for Girl Scouts developed by educators and scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Activities include: Elements and You, Rainbow Analysis, Supernova Demos, and Black Hole Orbits

Black Hole Board Game

Chandra Resource Request Form:

For Teachers:

The Fermi Black Holes Resource Area
The NASA Education and Public Outreach Group, in collaboration with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, has created an educators' workshop based on the planetarium show “Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity.” Resources include: Educator’s Guide, Black Hole FAQs Sheets (English & Spanish), and links to other games and activities. Download: Black Hole Educator Guide (pdf )

Black Holes Information & Activity Books
Black hole classroom activities from NASA’s Imagine the Universe! program at Goddard Space Flight Center. Resources include: The Anatomy of Black Holes (Grades 9-12), Black Holes (Grades K-8), posters, presentations, and more

Classroom-Ready Activities from the Chandra X-ray Center:
Explore black holes, x-ray astronomy, and stellar evolution with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory. Activities include: Supernova-Related Demonstrations, Stellar Cycles, and the Interactive Guide to Stellar Evolution. Go To:Supernova Demos

Opportunities for Host Sites
On-site workshops for the staff and volunteers at participating museums
Connections with local astronomers via black holes scientist speakers’ bureau
Support and materials for running a Black Hole media institute for teens and youth